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About Us

Gravity Floor was incorporated on February 21, 2011 with a view to bring in a whole new range of exotic, innovative, and world class products in the ever exciting and interesting field of Interior Designing and Decoration. The existing range of interior products available in the market lacked the kind of appeal, lustre, and aesthetics that many of our premium customers were looking for. We searched, researched, and travelled world over to identify some of the best products in the field of Flooring, Wall Panelling, Wall Coverings, and Interior Decoration.

We were particularly impressed with the visual appeal of Sibu Decorative Sheets manufactured by Sibu Design, Austria. Laminated Wooden Floorings imported from Germany and Malaysia are particularly recommended for their superior visual appeal and long term performance. If you are craving for some exclusive and colourful Wall Coverings, Europe is the best place to look for. We have therefore, selected some very versatile and beautiful wall covering designs imported from countries like Germany, Belgium, and Italy.

About Deepak Rathod, Managing Director

Deepak Rathod is a qualified Interior Designer, a Passionate Photographer, and an Ardent Marketer. He graduated in Corporate secretaryship from Madras University. His Wild life Photographs have found abundant admiration in the Corporate World and his Photographs have been widely used in the corporate exhibitions and corporate displays. He has executed numerous Interior Designing Projects for Business Show Rooms, Offices, residential Units and so on. He is widely travelled and possesses a keen eye for colors, harmony, and aesthetics. He is a member of the well-known Chennai based Rathod Group specialising in manufacturing of Malo Inner Wear & Easy Wear range of apparels.